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We have a new Arcade/Puzzle game for PCs to tell you about called "Egg-stravaganza". It is reminiscent of many games in the past, but with great graphics and sound. Plus there are over 100 challeging levels filled with jumping, climbing, smashing bricks, jet packing, teleporting and just a little poo. So you'll have to be careful where you step.

If this all sounds interesting, download and try out our free demo. If you want ot buy it, go to our Egg-stravaganza Game Store. Or you can actually buy it right from the demo using our secure in game store provided by eSellerate. For information and screenshots, you can go to our Products page.

"Demolition Derby & Figure 8 Race" is also available for PCs. Just go to our Demolition Derby Game Store to order online or click here to find out how to order through the mail. For tons more information on the game, including screenshots and where to get your game inspired t-shirt, go to the Products page.

The game was designed for crashing, smashing, bending, flipping and sometimes flying through the air. If you play other driving games just to see how big an accident you can cause, this is the game for you.

TRY IT FREE!! If you want to try the game out before you buy it, we have a free demonstration version of the game that you can download right now by clicking here.

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