Auxiliary Power, Inc. is the culmination of years of game design, creation and playing. Our Captain (sometimes referred to as President), John Ardussi, has done work for computer game companies such as Activision, Virgin Interactive Entertainment, and Interplay. He also spent almost two years learning about the business of developing computer games as an employee at Westwood Studios. After that, he felt it was time to try it on his own.

The goal of forming Auxiliary Power was to do original games which include new technologies that regular people will want to play. Currently these technologies have been only been available to the elite game player. Things like multiplayer gaming, high end video and sound. While available, the games in which they reside have high learning curves and high intensity. We want to make them available in games which require less time to master and less gore.

With our first title on sale (Demolition Derby & Figure 8 Race), we are well on our way towards our goal. Now we are moving forward to take advantage of our success. New projects will be announced as soon as we can.

We especially want to thank you all for the positive feedback we have been getting. On the Products page under What People Are Saying, we have posted just a fraction of the positive comments we have been getting. It is good to know we are heading in the right direction. Thanks again and we will try and earn more of them in the future.