To qualify as a National Champion, you must send a screen capture (F12 key) of your car in the Nationals. It does not matter which car you choose, but your nickname must be in the driver list in the top right corner. Once you get a screen capture (saves it to the folder with the game in it), attatch it to the email you send along with your nickname, your real name, the state your from and the order # from when the game was purchased to Once we get it, we will add you to our list.

Nickname Real Name Location Date Added
iamrandyinga Randy Tedder GA, USA 1/23/03
Derby2K Dustin Kourt SD, USA 1/20/03
Kaos Roy Denike PA, USA 1/11/03
White Lightning Bryan Sheffar PA, USA 1/04/03
stris141 Steve Robinson CA, USA 10/5/02
Crash 7 Scott Sylvia HI, USA 9/18/02
Howdyd70 Jamie Johnson IL, USA 9/15/02
Bubba Stump Brandon Quick MO, USA 8/10/02
Joker Jerrett Love MO, USA 8/1/02
Most Difficult Jeremy Coufal NE, USA 4/19/02
Canadian Crusher Mike Phillips Manitoba, Canada 4/11/02
Craig Golden #857 Craig Golden Ontario, Canada 4/01/02
flyinpolock Tom Luczkowski IN, USA 3/28/02
Mad Mike Michael Pride IN, USA 3/9/02
ChrisCrash18 Chris Pride IN, USA 2/26/02
demozast Kirk Zastoupil SD, USA 2/22/02
getusum20 Mark Lindsey IL, USA 2/22/02
Brian Brian Lametterey OR, USA 2/9/02
DemoCar82 Jesse Cushaway MI, USA 2/7/02
Madness Jason Harness IN, USA 2/1/02
Super Dave Jr Scott Brezinsky WI, USA 1/23/02
Brack Craig Brackman OH, USA 1/17/02
Naylor Dan Sansom Nottingham, UK 1/13/02
derbymoose Andrew Bennett MI, USA 1/7/02
006 Jesse Jesse Michaels MD, USA 1/6/02
Royal Eric Hurlbert MT, USA 1/6/02
Harry "The Crusher" Harry Bell WI, USA 1/6/02
Hungryjak John Kashin PA, USA 1/5/02
Tyger Ty McElroy IL, USA 1/5/02
Q1 Mike Gustafson MI, USA 1/5/02
Derby Dog Frank Waller MI, USA 1/2/02
brSRKr Stanley Kong MI, USA 1/2/02
Deuce John Ardussi MI, USA 1/2/02

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