What people are saying about the game:

"I like that you put a demo version out... I hadn't played it more than 30 minutes when I ordered the full version.  Wow!  This is fun!"

"To whoever helped create the derby game that just came out. Thanks, I've been wanting a good derby game for a long time."

"I downloaded the demo version of the demo game & I love it! I can't wait to get the disk! I've been having a blast with it all day!"

"I am a member of the IDDA and a demolition derby driver, I have tried many demo derby games and they just seem to fake. I love the way this game that you have created looks!"

"Hey great job!!!!! A++++ all the way, its about time we the derby drivers of the world have a true demolition derby game..love it..downloaded it a few hours ago and have been playing it non stop...Now the wife has somthing new to bitch about..lol hey Im not in the garage working on my demo car, just playing the game."

"Just wanted to hop on here and tell you, I love the demo version of the Demolition Game! Hubby downloaded it, he played it and liked it! Then, he had me sit down to play it (so he could laugh at the % of damage I took from hitting the wall, LOL) and, I love it! Here's the problem, now my 11 y/o son is addicted and, just tonight, asked me if he can derby next year with us, ROFL!!!!!!! OH BOY! But, hey, another fellow derbier in the waiting for coming of age!!!!! That is great!"

"I have been in this sport for 15 years. I have promoted the sport for 10. At last someone has produced a game worthy of accolades. Excellent work!"

"I just got my copy of Auxillary Power's Demolition Derby and Figure 8 Race... and I tell ya what... if ya derby and have a comp... get this game... if you have ever played 'Destruction Derby 1,2, etc', 'Demolition Racer' or whatever... I guarantee the realism is no comparison to this game... I just sat down and played it for about 3 hrs... and had a blast."

"I always liked the original demo derby for the PlayStation but this one blows that one out of the water!"

"Anyway, when its sorted I best us Brits could beat a US team at this game!!"

These are unsolicited comments from letters and postings from customers. The original source of these comments are all on file and available for inspection at the Auxiliary Power, Inc. offices.

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