Farmer Fred comes out one morning and the chickens have literally flown the coop. You need to help Farmer Fred collect all of his items for the market and get things back to normal. Run, slide, climb and jump your way through the action packed and sometimes puzzling levels. But don't let the chickens stop you before you're done. And try not to step in any poo. This challenging and humorous game will not only make you laugh but also will make you think. And with jet packs and teleporters, how can it be bad? So try out the training levels and see if you are ready for the full game. Not everyone can outwit alien robot chickens. Can you?

This is a list of some of the features of the game:

  • 100 main levels, 10 training missions and 5 hidden levels
  • Lots of pick ups and power ups
  • Lots of different environments with various backgrounds and blocks
  • High resolution graphics with amazing detail and visual effects
  • Great music soundtrack featuring 10 songs by Bjorne Lynne

This game is fun for the whole family!

In the demonstration version of the game you only get to play the 10 training missions, but not the 100 main game levels.